Our Inventory

Sierra Madre Tree Farms offers a wide array of boxed and field-grown specimen palms, many of which are cold hardy and drought tolerant species. Trees are sold by either trunk foot or box size.

Our inventory is constantly changing but includes:

Phoenix canariensis – Canary Island Date Palm

Chamaerops humilis – Mediterranean Fan Palm

Butia capitata – Pindo / Jelly Palm

Brahea armata – Mexican Blue Palm / Blue Hesper Palm

Washingtonia robusta – Mexican Fan Palm

Washingtonia filifera – California Fan Palm

Cycas revoluta – Sago Palm

Dracaena draco – Dragon Tree

Prunus C Krauter Vesuvius – Flowering Plum Tree

Ficus nitida – Ficus Tree

Erythrina x sykesii – Coral Tree

Plus much morE!